State the meaning of unicellular organism and multicellular organism


  1. Unicellular
    • a simple organism where its body is made up of one cell only. (uni means one)
    • most unicellular organisms are aquatic living things and live in wet areas like ponds, drains, and the sea
    • also known as microorganism (short form is microbe) because its size is too minute. It cannot be seen with the naked eyes and can only be seen under a microscope.
  2. Multicellular
    • an organism which is made up of many cells (multi means many)
    • more complex than a unicellular organism

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  1. Complete the following sentences with the correct scientific terms.
    • Unicellular organisms are made up of _________ cell whereas __________ organisms are made up of many cells.
    • _____________ organism is more complex than ____________ organism.

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